marți, 4 ianuarie 2011


Now i know you hate me,all your friends have told me ...don`t close out of this blog,it`s okay if you dont want to see me again I understand but read this...Its write with all my heart and i`m not joking!

Dear Kata ,

Im sorry for what I did to you I wish you would forgive me ...
...but I know that won`t happen ...I just want to be friends again...
i remember when we are like friends and eat burgers like fat kids:D this moment im hungry:D
Thats why I made this...And if you dont believe me I will say this:


                                          Dear Cristi,
      I`m sorry if i made you cry,im sorry that im not with you right sorry that in this moment not say i love you...Im sorry if I make you believe that I will be with you forever...Im sorry that i cant take anymore....Im sorry that is so much pain... you are a big boy now ,you have take care of you... because you was somebody in my life ...i will never forget you... dont hate me. I will remember of you like the first love .

Dear Ana
Hello crazy girl... i wanna say something... sorry that i`m singin ...
sorry for my laugh.:D sorry that im a "xerox : :))
and thanks for the book ! <3

Dear Mom' and Dad'
Sorry that i dont listen to you guys...  i love you:x

Dear Zuza,
Sorry that i dont trusted are my girl... you are my sis'
roll on the summer holydays!
I love the way you are .. and we love the same thing-


Dear ah1

Sorry that i say to  you always" i dont care" ..:D
and sorry beacause i dont give you autograph

this just for today'
Un prieten bun mi-a zis : fa ce iti zice inima... ca sa nu ai pe constiinta eu zic sa o faci iar oricare ar fii rasp stii ca ai incercat ai cerut aratat ca iti pare rau si ca iti pasa dak nu faci s-ar putea sa regreti mai tarziu..fa ce simti!